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Srinivas Rao

Emily Fletcher- Stress Less Accomplish More

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These are cliff notes from an episode of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

1. Emily was an actress in one part of her career. From that experience, she learned many useful lessons, such as comfort on stage, ability to show up, and having a mental resilience after numerous rejections.

2. Achievement of our goals ultimately does not yield happiness. There will always be new horizons, new shiny objects and happiness should be found from within. The great thing about meditation is that it is an easy tool that gives you internal fulfillment that is not dependent on anything external.

3. Emily is a creator of Ziva meditation and a focal point of this interview was on the benefits of meditation. The key thing to remember is that meditation will not deprive you of your ambition, but it will rather help you be ambitious without being anxious and aggressive.

4. Our left-brain thinking is logical and our right-brain thinking is creative and divergent. Ziva meditation induces the state in which both types of thinking are synchronized and we are thus highly capable of visualizing and manifesting our goals from that state.

5. Social media is widely spread and it has both good and bad aspects to it. One thing is for sure, most of us spend too much time glued to our screens. Emily thinks that just like we watch the movies from the ’50s and ’60s in which everyone smoked all the time in shock and horror, future generations will observe our lack of boundaries around digital habits the same way. She also says that the devil is in the dose. The trouble is not in tools in and of themselves but in our overuse.

6. Social media has pros and cons and just like everything else is a bit paradoxical and complex. It helps us connect with each other, but also makes us feel lonely. We may also argue that we are bringing our own loneliness and frustration to social media and it is just a reflection of our deeper issues.

7. Many high-achieving individuals have a misperception that meditation will make them become lazy and lose their edge. That is not true. The great thing about Meditation is that it does not remove from ambition but reduced the stress and increases effectiveness.

8. Benefits of meditation are numerous and wide-ranging, but when those benefits are formulated as improved performance and higher earnings for instance, there is a potential to reach high achievers and get them interested to learn more. These individuals are often always on the go and thus likely to benefit from meditation substantially.

9. Emily’s training lasts for 4 days although it can be done faster. The goal of a slower process is for people to build their own habits. If they take a meditation class and never meditate afterward, that is not a win for anyone, because they won’t recommend any new people or making improvement in their lives and communities. The goal is to make people self-sufficient so that they can empower others.

10. To be unmistakable, according to Emily, you need to be you but in a very specific way and let the universe use you as a vessel of creative expression.

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