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Srinivas Rao

The Power of Visual Thinking to Understand Ideas w/ Nora Herting

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These are cliff notes from an episode of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

1. When Nora was about to start her career as an artist, her mom asked if she was going to be working in the art firm, like a law firm. After a lengthy discussion, Nora explained that there is no such a thing as an art company. Funny enough, some years later, Nora ended up in an art company! This is a great lesson about the possibility and our ever-changing environment. The future is already here.

2. Nora describes her most miserable moment and the moment when she was the most broke. Those were two different moments. She was the most miserable when she had achieved some success because she felt like she has something to lose.

3. Creative work is created within the boundaries, which creators have to proactively set for themselves. Otherwise, all the possibilities can make a creator paralyzed, not knowing where to start.

4. Creatives are often in search for the best ways to express their creativity, however the truth is that your creativity is a transferable skill, valuable in many domains . ‘Look while you are leaping’ became Nora’s motto, as she is always encouraging her team to be on the lookout for new opportunities and ways of creative expression.

5. Regarding Covid-19 pandemic, Nora gave the analogy from her art school. Students were working on paintings for month and in one class, the professor would come and dip the brush in a pant and drew a stroke across everyone’s work. People were having meltdowns because they have invested so much work. But that’s life, we must have grit to start again and let go even when we have done all the work.

6. Nora’s company creates visuals that convey messages effectively and serve as learning tools. We are wired for visual thinking, therefore visual representation of ideas is incredibly effective.

7. Visuals are made so that the message is communicated effectively and serve the main purpose of the message. Of course, the aesthetics matter and you can make visuals that are just nice looking, but their effectiveness is the key consideration in Nora’s work.

8. We can use fonts, color and scale as visual tool that help us communicate written message. Visual communication becomes more important in information overload. We are more skimming than reading and we have to use visual aids to grab reader’s attention.

9. When we see somebody’s creation, we often think that it was created linearly, in one piece from beginning to an end. That is because we were conditioned to think mostly think linearly. The truth is that all great creative works are created in layers and iterations.

10. To be unmistakable, according to Nora, you must express your Authenticity, the attention to details and make your expression specific.

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